WA BNL Monthly In/Out Flow Dashboards

BNL = By Name List. In Western Australia, a BNL can be found in the following communities, Perth-Freo+, Geraldton, Bunbury, Mandurah and Rockingham.

It’s a powerful tool for providing ‘live’ data on who’s experiencing homelessness in the community, where each person is known by their name. The By-Name data is securely shared with partnered organisations so that each person experiencing homelessness can be placed in the centre of the service system. Every agency involved brings their expertise to work collaboratively and systematically to end homelessness in their community. For more information about By Name List, click here.

WA De-identified VI-SPDAT Survey data

VI-SPDAT (Vulnerability Index – Service Prioritisation Decision Assistance Tool) is an AtoZ screening tool that assists organisations working together as a collective to end homelessness in their local community to have a shared common language, understanding of vulnerability and objectivity for triaging support and housing. It limits the need for people to repeatedly tell their stories to different organisations and be further traumatised by the experience.  For information about the Australian VI-SPDATs, click here.

Acuity scale & potential support need

  • Low 0-4 (case management may not be necessary)
  • Med 5-9 (may benefit from time-limited case management)
  • High 10+ (will benefit from having access to ongoing case management approaches such as Housing First support/Ruah After Hours Support & the Support Landlord model of housing)