The Zero Project Team are a bunch of passionate people with a variety of knowledge and skills in the community service sector, with a goal to support communities in Western Australia to end rough sleeping and chronic homelessness.

Michala McMahon

Zero Project Manager

Usually up before the Sun, completing a million tasks before work. Enjoys a good HIIT workout and the odd burpee.

Eclectic taste in music, often found at live music gigs. Overt lover of leopard print, comedy, true crime, culture and her pet's (Billy & Pip).

Altruistic. Extremely generous. Passionate. Thoughtful. Reflective. Creative. Confident. Straight talker. Disrupts the status quo. Devoted to fighting injustice. Strong believer in the power of partnerships and that we can end rough sleeping and chronic homelessness in WA with collaboration.

Happiest when the sun is shining, and she has the sand or red dirt under her feet.

Nghia Luong

Senior Data Lead - All Regions 

Youth Worker. Social Worker.  A tinkerer and a hack that likes to solve problems.  Takes a methodological (scientific or evidence-based) approach to problem-solving, seeking the most efficient ways for achieving it.

Dream of reimaging the service system to make it truly person-centred for people experiencing homeless, especially the most vulnerable - young people and people sleeping rough.

Love of Learning. Fairness. Honesty. Kindness. Judgement. Ambivert. Banh Mi Thit (Vietnamese baguette) is my go-to sandwich and Ca Phe Da (Vietnamese iced black coffee) is the best brew.

Leigh Harland

Community Impact Officer, Perth Metro

Passionate defender of the underdog and frustrated by injustice. Advocate. Destroyer of appliances.

Optimistic that chronic homelessness can and will be solved in Australia and excited to be part of team that is focused on the solution.

Compassionate, empathetic, impatient, and probably a little too pragmatic.

Mum of four. Booklover. Animal lover... especially her dogs.

Elise Haddleton

Community Impact Officer, Perth Metro

A long-time social and environmental justice defender, Elise genuinely believes a safe home is a human right, not something to be earned.

She is happiest when waking up to the sounds of the bush and great coffee. Elise loves learning and problem-solving and often has her nose in a book, empirical paper, or literature review. She is a researcher, illustrator, writer, and runner who greets each day with a sun salutation.

Elise has extensive experience advocating for systems change and creative, collaborative solutions to wicked problems. She passionately believes in empathy, deep listening, and learning from diverse people with lived experience and local knowledge.

Anna Janickova

Community Impact Officer, Bunbury

Ocean lover who will frolic like a dolphin on even the coldest days. When not in the water you will find her rollerblading past it or yoga-ing nearby.

Mother to a 3yo teenager, she enjoys her evenings baking sugar free treats and finding ways to reduce waste and live a cleaner, tox-free life.

Compassionate to others, polite, Czech.

Here to help make a difference any way she can!

Ainsley Jones

Community Impact Officer, Mandurah and Rockingham

Twenty-something chocolate addict and workaholic. Ainsley is the team’s stereotypical millennial – the go to tech person who loves avocado.

An aspiring leader with a bias for action, a sponge for knowledge, respectful, honest, strides forward with integrity, compassionate and understanding. 

A bit of a data nerd who loves a colourful data infographic

Passionate about driving holistic approaches that will improve outcomes for people, community, and the planet. Ainsley is a hometown girl, dedicated to supporting her home regions to end homelessness.

Dreams of one day living off grid and spending her days in her permaculture garden.

Stacey Ryder

Project Administrator

Quiet achiever, prides herself in quality customer service, hard-working, extensive experience in local, state and federal government before joining the community services sector.

Proud single mum of one from the Ballardong people of Western Australia, with a strong desire to support the end homelessness movement, not only for her Noongar Mob but the whole of community.

An avid West Coast Eagles supporter and lover of all things coffee. You'll find Stacey smiling from ear to ear when she talks about her daughter.